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BREAKING NEWS: Warren English (The Hypertrophy Specialist) Opens Up Limited Coaching Spots

Calling all gym-goers that aim to:
  • Maximize Muscle Growth
  • ​Undergo Body Recompositions (Gain Muscle & Burn Fat)
  • ​Compete In Bodybuilding
  • ​Undergo Weight Loss Transformations
Meet your coach: Warren English The Hypertrophy Specialist
If this page is still available...that means you will be one of the few that get FREE access to Warren’s Prestigious 3 Pillars Of Transformation AND an exclusive opportunity to get personally coached by Warren.

Before Warren reveals his “secret sauce”, take a look at his transformation below.
But, we have a confession.

Warren wasn’t always deemed The Hypertrophy Specialist that you know all too well today…

At 15 years old Warren was well on his way to becoming an elite athlete on the NBA courts, and ultimately on the olympic stage in basketball, volleyball, and track.

His dream came to a screeching halt.

Warren suffered a career ending injury. His ACL had ruptured.

His athletic career was over. Chance of re-injury was high. He couldn’t walk for weeks on end.

Warren was “absolutely mortified.” His lifelong aspirations vanished right in front of his eyes.

There seemed to be a glimmer of hope. Warren could walk again.

But, his knee buckled to the side with extreme instability. Everything was a challenge.

This put Warren at a crossroads.

He had to choose between being a victim of his circumstance or re-inventing himself.

Determined to relight the fire within him, Warren made the commitment to reinvent himself.

He found his way into the gym. At first as a way to strengthen his associated stabilizing muscles of his leg…

Then a passion was born. Warren fell in love with bodybuilding.

He quickly climbed the ropes of the bodybuilding universe and placed top 3 in multiple national competitions (watch exclusive footage from his prep for his last bodybuilding competition below).
Through his journey Warren came to the realization that “For every loss there is a gain, if you are willing to find it.”

Recognizing his elite talent and knowledge in bodybuilding, Warren turned to inspire others.

He embarked on a new mission to help others undergo a similar mental and physical transformation that he had.

Committed to this mission Warren went on to:
  • Get his NASM Certification
  • ​Research the deep science behind nutrition and exercise
  • ​Join forces with the highly acclaimed Vigor Gains Team
Through his dedication, work-ethic, and skillset, Warren quickly made a name for himself.

Take Vincent for example...

Vincent fell victim to cookie cutter programs and fad diets prior to discovering Warren and The Vigor Gains Team.

Flash forward: Vincent has lost 32.6 pounds and is in the best shape of his life. He’s well on his way to fulfilling his dream of becoming a Professional Bodybuilder.
Or take Mike for example…

Prior to finding Warren and the Vigor Gains Team, Mike was over a hundred pounds overweight and struggled with his eating habits, workout motivation, and confidence.

Flash forward: Mike’s confidence has skyrocketed as he’s lost 112.2 pounds and is currently sitting at ~ 15% bodyfat.

How Does Warren’s Coaching Generate Head-Turning Transformations?

Here’s how it works 👇
  • You submit your consultation
  • ​Warren analyzes your information and creates your custom protocol using the TNA System
  • ​You follow your “no-guesswork” gameplan and see results
Sounds like magic right?

If you’re like most of Warren’s clients you’re probably thinking “What is this TNA System and why does it work so well?”

The TNA System is the “ultra effective approach” that was battle-tested and developed by the Vigor Gains Team.

Here’s what the prestigious TNA System is made up of:
Component #1: Training
  • Warren’s approach to training is none other than the most scientifically proven method to maximize muscle gains. 
  • ​You can expect to see Warren implement principles such as Aimed Muscle Activation and Progressive Intensity into your custom training program. 
  • ​With your custom training program, you will be given exact exercise, weight, rep, and intensity level prescriptions so you can walk into the gym with no wasted time and complete confidence.
Component #2: Nutrition
  • Warren’s approach to nutrition is one often used by the bodybuilding greats. 
  • ​He designs his plans based around sustainability, simplicity, and balance. 
  • ​With your custom nutrition protocol you can expect to get exact calorie and macronutrient targets to maximize muscle gain, energy levels, and enjoyment.
Component #3: Accountability
  • Warren’s approach to accountability is one deeply rooted in the study of human behavior. 
  • ​His psychology-backed methods prioritize positive reinforcement and habit consistency. 
  • ​With your accountability protocol, you can expect weekly accountability assessments, monthly evaluation calls, and a private community of like-minded individuals.
This highly renowned TNA System is designed specifically to:
  • Maximize results for your desired fitness goals
  • ​Minimize effort and guesswork on the client
  • ​Prioritize sustainability so you can reap the rewards for a lifetime
Sounds enticing right?

Now, before you sign up for Warren’s 1 on 1 Coaching, you need to understand his 3 Pillars Of Transformation...

Pillar 1: Every Fit Phreak Requires A Custom-Built Protocol

Chris Bumstead trained extremely hard to win the title of Mr. Olympia.
Michael Phelps trained extremely hard to win gold medals in the Olympics.
But, their actual training protocols were extremely different.

They would fail to achieve their goals if they switched training protocols.

They had different:
  • Goals
  • ​Lifestyles
  • ​Experience
  • ​Equipment Accessibility
  • ​Time Availability
  • ​Genetics
  • ​Preferences
This is everything that Warren will take into account when creating your custom protocol.

Take someone like Colton.

Colton was scammed by the fitness industry before finding us. He tried countless cookie cutter programs by other “fitness gurus.” These programs never took any of Colton’s personal info into consideration.

Flash forward: Colton’s lifts have shot up hundreds of pounds.

He’s so grateful, that he's generously recorded a 16 minute testimonial video on how he’s changed his life.

Pillar 2: Adherence > Compliance

Let’s face the facts.

I’ve tried your typical fitness programs before.

They simply give you a template with numbers to follow.

No guidance. No checking in. No accountability.

This doesn’t cut it.

That’s why Warren and The Vigor Gains Team have strategically designed Accountability Systems to:
  • Educate you on why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • ​Activate psychological tendencies such as the automation bias and the default effect
  • ​Install habits that you can keep for a lifetime
If I’m being completely honest with you, the goal of Warren’s 1-1 Coaching is not to keep you on his programming forever…

The goal is to graduate you so you can execute your fitness goals all by yourself.

Pillar 3: Fit Phreaks Are Built Not Born

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.

He was not born the greatest basketball player of all time.

He had to build himself to become that.

Fit Phreaks are no different.

Enter: Jack

Jack has been training for 4 years in high school.

But...he never made the varsity weightlifting team.

Flash forward to today: Jack is widely declared a “late bloomer” in the fitness industry.
But, it wasn’t his work ethic, his discipline, or his genetics at play here.

Jack simply wasn’t following Warren’s first 2 Pillars of Transformation during his early years of training.
  • He didn’t have a custom protocol (he just followed whatever his classmates were doing)
  • ​He didn’t understand why he was doing what he was doing
  • ​He had no one to support him, hold him accountable, and give him the tools to succeed
When you follow these pillars and commit to the process you overcome it all.

No prior experience, knowledge, or good genetics are necessary.
Before you enroll in Warren’s 1-1 Coaching, consider this one thing…

Why Are You Enrolling In Warren’s 1-1 Coaching?

Warren is a strong believer in this formula: Strong Motives = Inevitable Results

Weather it’s:
  • You want to gain back your confidence in your social and romantic life
  • ​You want to set a strong example for your family
  • ​You want to be the best possible version of you that you can be
Take a moment.

Think about what your motive is.

This is something that has driven Jared to a life-altering transformation.

His mission was to set the example for his kids. He wanted to be the man that they could look up to and aspire to be like.

Flash forward to today: he’s lost 20.2 lbs and is extremely proud of where he is.
Once you’ve found your motive, I want you to consider these 3 questions:
  • Who else is affected if you don’t follow through with your mission?
  • ​What is the worst thing about not achieving your mission?
  • ​What do you lose out on by not achieving your mission?
The point of this thought experiment is to get rid of those who aren’t serious about transforming their physique, their mentality, their social, professional, and romantic lives (fitness translates to every area of your life).

Now, if you’re continuing to read another word → you are someone who is mentally, physically, and financially ready to to invest in your motives.

Ready to continue?

Here’s What You Get When You Enroll In Warren’s 1-1 Coaching 👇

  • ​Custom Training Program ($199/m Value)
  • ​Custom Nutrition Protocol ($97/m Value)
  • ​Weekly Accountability Assessments ($49/m Value)
  • ​Private Community Access ($45/m Value)
  • ​Monthly Evaluation Calls ($79/m Value)
  • ​Weekly Adjustments ($114/m Value)
  • ​Specialized Coaching By Warren English The Hypertrophy Specialist ($399/m Value)
Oh, and there’s one more surprise… you get access to all of this on your phone and computer within the Vigor Gains App ($99 Value).

Now as you’re well aware Warren’s 1-1 Coaching is $982 a month…

Warren has decided to slash his rates in half → $491/m

And then in half again → $245/m

And shave even more off to get to today’s coaching dues of only $197 a month.

Does Warren Have Any Coaching Spots Available?

As you know, Warren’s coaching is highly demanded across the bodybuilding sphere.

That said, he doesn’t always have coaching spots open…

But, if this page is still working that means there is at least 1 coaching spot open!

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Warren's 1-1 Coaching is month to month, meaning that you are free to cancel your 1-1 specialty coaching subscription at anytime simply by emailing or messaging us via The Vigor Gains app.
How fast will I see results?
Our Enrollees have seen results within a week! But, keep in mind that BIG changes will happen over the course of months. This is NOT a quick fix program.
What happens when I get started?
Once you click the big blue button above, you will be given access to all of your FREE bonuses and receive an invitation to our mobile app (please allow up to 12 hours due to high demand). You’ll also be asked to fill our consultation form. From there, your program will be developed by your specialized coach and you’ll be ready to start within 5 days.
Do I have to eat some special diet?
Warren doesn't believe in forcing you upon some ‘special diet’. We know that the most important factor of nutrition is sustainability. That means we take your eating preferences and experience into heavy consideration.
Do I need any equipment?
No equipment is necessary! Warren is extremely knowledgeable in regards to the mechanics of muscle growth and weight loss. This means that he will design your program to work for you no matter your circumstance.
The final message that we'll leave you with: Are you really doing your best?

You're someone who has planted your flag and told yourself THIS IS A PRIORITY for me.

What would the future you think of your actions today?

Procrastinating your goals, your aspirations, your priorities...



Now, obviously I want you to enroll in 1-1 Coaching, but the choice is yours.

You hold the cards and you call all the shots.

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